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I grew up in Vestal, NY with two brothers and one sister.  My mother instilled in all four kids the skill of cooking.  Sharing food and traditions was a very important part of our lives.  My maternal grandparents lived on a farm in the more rural part of Vestal and my Nonni and Nonno owned the store that my bakery is now housed in.   With the Italian side of my heritage, we learned how to make pasta, sauces, Pizza Fritte, and of course enjoyed our occasional espresso at family gatherings.   The English heritage from my mother's side of the family taught us how to gather and prepare meals off of the land.  We were raised to enjoy the actual sharing of preparation and clean up together (even if we hated it at the time).  We would go into the gardens and pick the vegetables and fruits fresh.  The meats that were served, were from the livestock and chickens that were raised on the farm.  It was cooking in it's purest form.

I loved the traditions that are a part of me and this is a very large reason that I have had the passion of cooking and baking for as long as I can remember.   I opened my first business, Queen B Bakery and Cafe in 2003 and my second location, How Sweet It Is Cafe in 2004.  In 2009, I opened Baked Euphoria Cakes and Pastries.  

My husband Randy, whom I married in 1984, and my beautiful daughters, Nicolina and Monique, have always been very supportive of my continued search to fill my never ending passion of sharing food.  Monique started working with me when she was only 12 years old at Queen B Bakery/Cafe and has worked with me ever since.  

Now as a grandmother of two incredible grand kids, I have been extremely fortunate to be able to bring the love of the kitchen and decorating to my oldest grandchild, Kylie.  She has practically been raised in the bakery and can't seem to get enough of "playing" baker/decorator.   Time will tell when Gunnar gets old enough to be able to create his own masterpieces as his big sister has.

I so hope that when you get a chance to "Taste the Euphoria", you will find that all of my love, passion and tradition are included in all of the recipes that are prepared at Baked Euphoria.   The name says it all, as I bake happiness into everything.

Much love, Bonni


Bonni - Owner/Decorator

Bonni - Owner/Decorator