A cake is more than just dessert!

When you are planning your wedding, there are so many areas to be considered.  Most people choose their theme based on the venue, season and shared interests.

An autumn themed cake that fits the venue space perfectly  

An autumn themed cake that fits the venue space perfectly



When you are choosing your cake, these same items should also be considered.  A wedding cake should also be a display of something very important to you as a couple.  Whether you want a traditional white cake with a lot of fluff and romance or a piece of art that showcases your interests and style, it must be carefully planned out.


A bakery that understands this is extremely important.  It's not always about who can create a cake for the best price choosing from a limited selection of designs.  Search for a bakery that works with you to create a statement piece.  

When the cake is displayed for your guests to see as soon as they walk into your reception space, consider something that makes them stop to check it out.  Just because a cake is tradition for a wedding, it doesn't have to be boring.

Do you love Scuba Diving or Snorkeling?  

Do you love Scuba Diving or Snorkeling?


When I meet with my clients, I ask a lot of questions.  How did you meet?  How long have you been together?  What do you love to do as a couple?  Where are you going on your honeymoon?  These may seem like just chatter, but there really is a reason for my inquiries.  I want to know more about you, what brings you joy and what are you trying to say when you create your statement piece?

It's interesting that many times, when a bride tells me the colors of her wedding, she quite often is wearing clothing that actually is the color of her design.  We have colors that bring us joy and make us feel good.  Consider putting some color on your cake.   Maybe it's the flowers or the ribbon, maybe you want the whole cake to be a color instead of just white.  

One of my favorite things to do is design a cake that the bride and groom get excited about.  When they leave our consultation, they are smiling and giddy with anticipation.  This is the feeling that I hope to establish when they walk into the venue for the first time when they come in as Mr. & Mrs.   They walk over to the cake table and there it is... the cake of their dreams actually realized.  

It doesn't end there either.  When the cake is cut and they share the first piece, the euphoria should continue.  Who wants to share of piece of cake that is just mediocre?  It should leave them wanting more.  The flavor of the cake is also very important.  No cookie-cutter big chain store cake can really do that.  They don't offer a selection of flavors that is unique.  No seasonal flavors, no favorite flavors that compliment the theme or season.  

Choosing a bakery that understands this is extremely important.  Maybe you're getting married in the summer and you want your flavors to be reflective of that.  ie:  creamcicle, mango, strawberry shortcake, cotton candy, etc.  Or in the fall you could choose flavors such as, pumpkin, apple spice, cinnamon or carrot. A winter wedding has a whole different variety of options such as chocolate mint, peppermint, Nutella, cranberry or chocolate orange.  

Your cake doesn't have to be tiered to make a statement.  

Your cake doesn't have to be tiered to make a statement.



If your wedding is near Valentine's Day, possibly a Red Velvet cake might be fitting, or maybe chocolate covered strawberry flavor would excite you.  Possibly Pink Champagne would be a good choice for both Valentine's Day or a New Year's Eve wedding.


I once had a couple that chose a favorite flavor for each tier.  Peanut butter and jelly, mint chip ice cream and German chocolate.  This can be fun but keep in mind, that you may need to have extra cake as your guests will want to sample more than one.  


Whatever you decide to have, make it special, make it memorable and make it give you and your guests a feeling of Euphoria!

If you are within 3 hours of Binghamton, NY, please give me a call to discuss your wedding cake dreams.  (607) 239-6718 and yes, we deliver!