"This location is special because it was built by my grandparents, Vincenzo (Jimmy) and Rose Stacconi. What began as a small appliance repair shop for my Nonno eventually evolved into a fruit stand and then Nonni started baking breads, etc. and soon it became Watson Boulevard Market. I love the location for its history but also because it is perfectly located in a wonderful, supportive neighborhood. You can still get that small town feeling as you step back in time and taste a piece of history. So, I hope to do this building and my dreams justice by offering you a high quality and beautiful selection of cakes and pastries to provide you with Euphoria when you take your first bite!"

-Bonni Stacconi Phelps
Owner of Baked Euphoria Cakes and Pastries

Watson Boulevard Market was located at 2408 Watson Boulevard, Endicott from 1948 to 1973.  I cherish the memories of my childhood at this special place.  The reason for the name  "Baked Euphoria" is to recreate the 1960's and 70's feeling of a time of my life when life was simple, exciting and full of possibility.  We bake a bit of "Euphoria" (blissful state of mind) into all of what we do.  We are so pleased to be able to "Share the Euphoria" with you.